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Streamlined, proven process

  • You received an attractive offer and executed an agreement to sell your business. But what if the buyer re-trades or, worse, pulls the offer at the last minute, wasting months of time, effort, and money?
    To us, there is nothing more frustrating nor disrespectful than a buyer failing to honor their commitments to a founder. That’s why The Ambr Group has successfully closed on 100% of its acquisition agreements. We take the time to evaluate your business thoroughly before presenting you with an offer, because you deserve nothing less.
  • You’ve met with the potential buyers several times and have built some trust. How do you know that you’re dealing with a decision maker who can stand by their commitments?
    At The Amber Goup, we believe in partnerships rather than transactions. That’s why we insist on you meeting with members of The Ambr Group's leadership team prior to the extension of any acquisition offer. Your time is incredibly valuable, and we promise to treat it that way by ensuring you deal with decision makers, not “head hunters”.
  • You dedicated the past several years of your life to building your business into what it is today. How can you trust the next owner to show the same level of dedication to your business, customers, and employees?
    We strive to bring humility to all aspects of our business, and that includes recognizing that your business cannot be learned in a matter of weeks, or even months. That’s why we offer every founder a seat at the table post-close, where you can continue building your brand with the full support of Tthe Ambr Group’s platform.

Thinking about selling your business?

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